Beverly Hills Polo Club

Beverly Hills Polo Club store City Center Sharjah, Sharjah, UAE


BH Polo Club, established in Spain, embodies the essence of classic polo culture fused with contemporary fashion trends. Founded with a vision to bring the elegance and sporting spirit of polo to everyday attire, BH Polo Club has become synonymous with refined casual wear and accessories.

Signature Products

1. Polo Shirts: BH Polo Club's iconic polo shirts are crafted from premium cotton, featuring impeccable tailoring and classic designs that blend sophistication with comfort.

2. Casual Apparel: The brand offers a wide range of casual clothing including t-shirts, shorts, and trousers, all designed with a focus on quality materials and timeless style.

3. Accessories: From leather belts to stylish caps and sunglasses, BH Polo Club accessories complement their apparel line, adding a touch of luxury to everyday essentials.


Why Shop at BH Polo Club?

1. Heritage and Quality: With roots deeply embedded in polo tradition, BH Polo Club guarantees premium quality in every garment. The brand's commitment to using the finest fabrics ensures durability and comfort, making their products a worthwhile investment.

2. Timeless Style: Whether you're attending a casual outing or a semi-formal event, BH Polo Club's collections offer versatile pieces that exude effortless elegance. Their designs blend classic elements with modern trends, appealing to fashion-conscious individuals looking for sophistication in their wardrobe.

3. Sustainability: BH Polo Club emphasizes sustainability in their manufacturing processes, aiming to reduce environmental impact while maintaining high standards of craftsmanship. This commitment resonates with consumers seeking ethically produced fashion options.

4. Global Appeal: With a presence in multiple countries, BH Polo Club caters to a diverse clientele who appreciate the brand's international flair and commitment to delivering consistent quality across borders.

5. Brand Legacy: Choosing BH Polo Club means aligning with a brand that not only celebrates sporting heritage but also embraces innovation in fashion. Their continued evolution in design and customer experience ensures a seamless shopping journey for polo enthusiasts and fashion aficionados alike.



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