Arrow store City Centre Deira, Dubai, UAE


Arrow, founded in 1851, is renowned for its heritage in classic American menswear. It has established itself as a timeless brand synonymous with quality craftsmanship and sophisticated style. Initially recognized for its crisp dress shirts, Arrow has expanded its range to include a variety of apparel and accessories that cater to the modern man's wardrobe needs.

Signature Products:

  1. Dress Shirts: Arrow's dress shirts are the cornerstone of its collection, known for their impeccable tailoring, superior fabric quality, and attention to detail. They offer a wide range of fits and styles, from classic to slim fit, ensuring every man can find a shirt that complements his style and physique.

  2. Casual Shirts: Beyond dress shirts, Arrow excels in crafting casual shirts that blend comfort with contemporary design. Whether it's plaid flannels or tailored oxfords, each shirt reflects the brand's commitment to both style and versatility.

  3. Accessories: Arrow complements its apparel line with essential accessories such as ties, belts, and socks. These accessories are designed to enhance the overall look, providing the finishing touches that elevate a man's attire.


Reasons to Shop at Arrow:

  • Heritage and Quality: With over a century of expertise, Arrow embodies a heritage of craftsmanship and quality that ensures each piece meets high standards.

  • Timeless Style: Arrow's designs are timeless yet modern, making them suitable for various occasions from formal events to casual outings.

  • Fit and Comfort: The brand emphasizes not only style but also comfort and fit, offering a range of sizes and fits to cater to different body types.

  • Versatility: Whether you're dressing up for a boardroom meeting or dressing down for a weekend brunch, Arrow offers versatile pieces that effortlessly transition between different settings.

  • Accessible Luxury: Arrow provides luxury-quality clothing at accessible price points, making it a preferred choice for men who seek value without compromising on style or quality.

Shopping at Arrow ensures that men can enhance their wardrobe with pieces that exude confidence, style, and timeless elegance, backed by a brand heritage that continues to resonate with discerning customers globally.



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