Nayomi store City Centre Fujairah, Fujairah, UAE


Nayomi Brand Description

Brand Details:

Nayomi is a renowned lingerie and nightwear brand that has been a pioneer in the Middle Eastern market since its inception in 1992. With a deep understanding of the cultural and fashion preferences of women in the region, Nayomi has carved a niche for itself by offering products that blend traditional modesty with contemporary style. The brand's name, which means "soft and delicate" in Arabic, reflects its commitment to providing luxurious, high-quality lingerie and nightwear that make women feel comfortable, confident, and beautiful. Nayomi operates over 210 stores across the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) and other regions, making it a go-to destination for intimate apparel.

Signature Products:

Nayomi's product range is vast, catering to various needs and preferences. Some of their signature products include:

  1. Lingerie Sets: Nayomi offers an extensive collection of lingerie sets that combine elegance with comfort. These sets often feature intricate lace designs, delicate embroidery, and soft fabrics that feel gentle against the skin.

  2. Nightwear: Their nightwear range includes everything from luxurious satin pajamas to cozy cotton nightgowns. The designs are crafted to ensure a perfect balance of style and comfort, allowing women to feel at ease while looking their best.

  3. Bridal Collection: Nayomi's bridal collection is particularly popular, offering an array of stunning lingerie and nightwear options for brides-to-be. The collection includes pieces adorned with exquisite details, making them perfect for a special occasion.

  4. Shape-wear: Understanding the need for seamless, supportive undergarments, Nayomi provides a variety of shapewear options. These pieces are designed to enhance the natural silhouette while ensuring maximum comfort.

  5. Fragrances: In addition to their lingerie and nightwear, Nayomi also offers a selection of fragrances. These scents are crafted to complement the brand's intimate apparel, adding a touch of luxury to the overall experience.


Reasons to Shop at Nayomi:

  1. Cultural Sensitivity: Nayomi’s designs are tailored to meet the cultural expectations and fashion preferences of women in the Middle East. This makes it a trusted brand for those seeking products that respect and celebrate their cultural values.

  2. Quality and Comfort: The brand is dedicated to using high-quality materials that ensure durability and comfort. Each product is meticulously crafted to provide the best fit and feel, allowing women to wear Nayomi's pieces with confidence.

  3. Elegant Designs: Nayomi’s collections are known for their elegant and sophisticated designs. Whether it’s the delicate lace of a lingerie set or the luxurious satin of a nightgown, each piece is created to make women feel beautiful and stylish.

  4. Wide Range of Products: With an extensive product range, Nayomi caters to various needs, from everyday lingerie to special occasion wear. This variety ensures that every woman can find something that suits her personal style and requirements.

  5. Convenient Shopping Experience: Nayomi's widespread retail presence and user-friendly online store make shopping convenient and accessible. Customers can easily browse and purchase their favorite products, whether they prefer shopping in-store or online.

  6. Customer Service: Nayomi is known for its excellent customer service. The brand’s staff is well-trained to assist customers in finding the perfect fit and style, ensuring a satisfying shopping experience.

  7. Affordability: Despite the luxurious appeal of their products, Nayomi offers competitive pricing, making high-quality lingerie and nightwear accessible to a broad audience.

In summary, Nayomi stands out as a brand that understands and caters to the unique needs of women in the Middle East. With its combination of cultural sensitivity, high-quality materials, elegant designs, and excellent customer service, Nayomi provides an unparalleled shopping experience for those seeking beautiful and comfortable intimate apparel.



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