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Behind the dark sunglasses, polished suit and flawless hair — behind the international fashion icon — Karl Lagerfeld was an incredible human. Extraordinarily perceptive. Brilliantly well-read. A dazzling storyteller. His friends knew him as genuine, generous and kind. And as a surprise to many, he had a biting sense of humor. Karl’s sharp tongue could deliver a wisecrack with perfect timing; he always promised to be an entertaining conversationalist. While the public perception of him was a carefully curated image, there was much more to Karl than what meets the eye…


The house of KARL LAGERFELD shares the iconic vision and design aesthetic of its founder, Karl Lagerfeld, fused with a contemporary, forward-looking spirit.


Brand Overview:

Karl Lagerfeld, the iconic fashion house, embodies the creative vision and sophisticated style of its legendary founder. Known for its innovative designs and timeless elegance, Karl Lagerfeld blends Parisian chic with a modern edge, offering a wide range of fashion and accessories for both men and women.

Signature Products:

The brand's signature products include the Karl Ikonik collection, featuring playful and iconic motifs, classic tailored jackets, and luxurious handbags such as the K/Signature and K/Seven lines. Their collections also extend to stylish footwear, chic sunglasses, and elegant perfumes.

Why Shop at Karl Lagerfeld:

Shopping at Karl Lagerfeld ensures you're investing in high-quality, fashion-forward pieces that reflect a unique blend of tradition and contemporary flair. Each item promises exceptional craftsmanship and a distinctive style, making it a must-visit for fashion enthusiasts looking to elevate their wardrobe.

Explore the world of Karl Lagerfeld and embrace the essence of luxury and innovation in fashion.

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