Baldini store The Dubai Mall, Dubai, UAE

It was 1910 when the family - Gimmi Baldinini represents the third generation - took their first steps in the footwear industry, making pieces tailor-made and entirely by hand.


Baldinini’s origins date back to the early years of the last century, in San Mauro di Pascoli. The family took its first steps into footwear in 1910, when the shoes were made entirely by hand. The area was that around Villa Torlonia, a legendary agricultural estate mentioned by the famous Italian poet Giovanni Pascoli, which flourished as an arts and crafts district. It was here, in Italy – or rather, in the Romagna region – that a company and brand began its journey from a small artisan workshop to become a leading manufacturer of Italian footwear and accessories.

A study of the original lasts developed through the decades to the current design. In addition to artisan ability, design skills were perfected and aesthetics began to have as much importance as function. The year 1974 was a memorable one: Baldinini made its first sabot, the ultramodern clog, marking a watershed moment and, with 500 pairs a day, the start of industrial manufacturing.

Over the years, the Baldinini style became well-established and won the hearts of women and men alike. Its typically Italian taste and manufacturing expertise attracted discerning consumers from near… and far. The brand expanded its borders: first Germany and France, then the decisive turning point when Baldinini entered the Russian market. It was only the beginning of an expansion that would lead Baldinini to have a widespread retail and wholesale network in eastern Europe followed by the Middle East and, in recent years, China and the United States.



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