Chopard store The Dubai Mall, Dubai, UAE

Internationally acclaimed luxury brand, Chopard produces sparkling and exclusive Swiss watches and jewellery integrous to their heritage and tradition.

Introducing Chopard

Chopard was founded by Louis-Ulysse Chopard in 1860 and started life as a watchmaker. In 1937 however, Chopard relocated their watch-making business from the Swiss Jura to Geneva. The family-run business fell into trouble under the direction of the third generation, and so they searched for a suitable buyer.

The Chopard business was handed over to Karl Scheufele III. Karl Scheufele III shared Chopard's love for creativity and watchmaking and so seemed a natural choice. Karl Scheufele I entered the jewellery industry at a young age and in later life wanted to support artists and jewellers, dedicating his time to the Association of Arts and Craftsmanship in Pforzheim, Germany.

This culture of sharing knowledge and mentoring has remained with Chopard, with the company scooping the award for ‘Best Training Company’ in Geneva in 2008.

The Collections

The Chopard Happy Diamonds concept was first created in 1976. It’s now part of Chopard’s distinctive design, crafted with free-moving diamonds between crystal glass.

Ethical High Fashion

In more recent years, Chopard has focused its attention on producing sustainable and ethical jewellery.

In 2010 Chopard joined the Responsible Jewellery Council. Just three years later, Chopard created the world’s first watch crafted from Fairmined gold. This received great critical acclaim at Baselworld. The brand's latest ethical revelation is its pledge to make all the gold used to craft its jewellery 100% ethical.

Chopard also has a ‘green carpet’ collection, putting ethics at the heart of aesthetics. Responsibly sourcing diamonds, gemstones and gold has become a cornerstone for the brand. We look forward to seeing where the brand goes next on its ethical journey...

Chopard On The Red Carpet

Chopard regularly features in a wealth of highly esteemed publications such as Vogue, and consistently makes waves on the red carpet. Their jewellery makes stand-out appearances on the red carpet with A-list stars, including Julianne Moore at the Cannes Film Festival, Marion Cotillard at the Oscars, and Christoph Waltz.

Chopard’s links with the Cannes Film Festival began in 1998 when it became its official partner. Current director, Caroline Scheufele famously redesigned the iconic Palme d’Or trophy.



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