CONVERSE store The Dubai Mall, Dubai, UAE


About Converse: Converse, a brand synonymous with timeless sneakers and casual cool, has been an enduring presence in the world of footwear since its inception. Known for its iconic Chuck Taylor All Star shoes, Converse has evolved into a symbol of self-expression, rebellion, and laid-back fashion.

Historical Journey: The Converse story began in 1908 when Marquis Mills Converse founded the Converse Rubber Shoe Company in Malden, Massachusetts. Initially producing rubber-soled shoes for winter, the brand took a turn toward athletic footwear in 1917 with the introduction of the All Star basketball shoe. In 1921, basketball player Chuck Taylor endorsed the shoes, leading to the addition of his name to the iconic ankle patch. This marked the birth of the legendary Chuck Taylor All Star, a sneaker that would transcend sports to become a cultural icon.

Counterculture and Rebellion: As the decades unfolded, Converse became a symbol of rebellion and counterculture. Embraced by musicians, artists, and youth movements, the Chuck Taylor All Star became a canvas for personal expression. Its blank canvas invited wearers to scribble, paint, and customize, turning each pair into a unique statement.

Pop Culture Impact: Converse sneakers have left an indelible mark on pop culture. From gracing the feet of rock stars to featuring in movies and art installations, Converse has been a constant presence in the ever-changing landscape of style and expression.

Innovation and Evolution: While the Chuck Taylor All Star remains an enduring classic, Converse has embraced innovation with new designs and collaborations. The brand has expanded its range to include various styles and materials, ensuring its relevance in contemporary fashion.

Global Phenomenon: Converse's global appeal is undeniable. Its sneakers are not just footwear; they are cultural artifacts that bridge generations and continents. The brand's influence extends far beyond the basketball court, resonating with individuals who value authenticity and individuality.



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