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DSQUARED2 was started by identical twin brothers Dean and Dan Caten – the double D’s that make the brand’s name. Italian-by-way-of-Canada, they were born and raised in Toronto by their English mother and Italian father. It would be this mix of cultures that would inspire the twin’s desire to return to their motherland and later come to define their brand motto, even if their dad shortened his original family name of Catenacci to Caten just to fit in. The youngest of nine children, their siblings also left an indelible impact on the young impressionable twins – they were the disco queens, rock’n’rollers and hippies who would influence and inspire their worldview.


One thing must be made clear, the brothers do everything together. The longest they’ve been separated is just six months. Today, they still live together in a house in Notting Hill where they share a bedroom, except that is when one of them has a special guest over.

The Caten duo would go on to study together at New York’s prestigious Parsons School for Design, dropping out after one semester. Even still, they realised the fashion industry was where they belonged. Returning home to Toronto, they got their first jobs together as junior assistants at Ports International 1961, where they would eventually become joint head designers. It’s here, where under the guidance of a mentor, they would learn the art of cut and sew, refining the skillset and gaining the self-belief that would propel them to the top of the fashion world in the future.



In 1991, Dean and Dan felt the urge to explore their Italian roots and moved to Milan. After stints with Gianni Versace and Diesel, it would be the latter who would help them fund and launch their namesake brand. And so, in 1992, the world was introduced to DSquared, the premium denim label who’s well-cut, heavily distressed and reassuringly expensive jeans would take over the 90’s fashion.


With the brand motto of ‘Born in Canada, Living in London and Made in Italy’, you know exactly where DSquared comes from, and where it’s at now. DSquared still shows at Milan Fashion Week, and continues to be made in Italy either directly through suppliers or in partnership with prominent Italian manufacturers - Marcolin create their eyewear, Isa their swimwear and underwear, whilst ITF Cosmetics is behind their fragrances, and Staff International produces their ready-to-wear. Wondering how to spot a fake DSquared hat? If it’s made outside of Italy then that’s a big warning sign.


If you’re questioning DSquared’s Italian pedigree, just know that there’s not much else more important to Italian men than their football team, and in 2008 DSquared were chosen to design the official uniforms for Juventus, something Palace Skateboards would do ten years later in 2018. Pioneers.

your favourite celebrities. Kanye West, Justin Bieber and George Clooney have all been papped wearing it.



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