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René Lacoste, a legendary tennis champion in the 1920s, embodied elegance in everything he did. As a visionary free thinker, he defied given rules to innovate, invent and reinvent throughout his life. One example is the creation of the very first short-sleeved polo shirt in breathable fabric that he designed to increase freedom of movement during play. This piece led to the founding of a brand capable of liberating fashion codes with elegance as its founding value.

The values that inspired René in his life are those that focus on others, fair play and generosity. This is the story of a daring player whose tenacity saw him nicknamed “the crocodile.” This symbol then became his logo – the very first to be displayed on clothing – and went on to gain worldwide recognition. This is the story of friendship and teamwork: a spirit of cooperation that continues today in the brand’s collaborations with leading artists and designers. Last but not least, this is the story of the women in his life: his wife Simone Thion de la Chaume and Suzanne Lenglen, his friend, winning women who were just as determined, free thinking and elegant as him.

At the crossroads of sport and fashion, Lacoste librates and creates movement in each person’s life by encouraging self-expression. In each collection and every line, the timeless elegance of Lacoste is captured by a combination of creativity and tradition. A blend that enables everyone to develop their personal style by absorbing and reinterpreting the brand’s rich heritage. By making it their own.

The aura of the crocodile is reinforced with every generation that wears it, becoming a sign of unity that goes beyond style. Passed down from country to country and through the generations, from one friend to another, Lacoste clothing is steeped in emotional ties that promote it to icon status.


In a world that often highlights things that separate us, the Lacoste elegance brings us together. It unites those who are looking for a different path through life. Both universal ad timeless, it crosses cultures, oceans and generations to leave its mark on each and every person. Elegance transcending differences. Universal, accessible to all. A creative, inventive elegance that allows you to play and to dare. And which inspires us to go beyond established norms to invent our own lives while remaining faithful to who we really are. Lacoste invites you to realise your dreams, but not on your own. Instead, by joining a wider community in which everyone respects and recognises each other’s elegance.



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