Love Moschino

Love Moschino store The Dubai Mall, Dubai, UAE

Since the eighties, Moschino has been known as a brand that dares to explore new grounds of fashion. Their luxury ready-to-wear apparel is characterized by bold colors and prints is frequently subject of discussion in the fashion world.


Moschino was founded in Italy in 1983 by Franco Moschino. Originally aspiring to be a painter, he translated his love for prints and color into fashion design. After collaborating with Italian fashion house Versace as an illustrator, the Istituto Marangoni graduate started with his own namesake brand. Soon, Moschino became known for interpreting classic styles of other houses, giving them a twist by adding confidence and boldness to the designs.


Over the years, Moschino developed an unmistakable design language, including prints with polka dots and fruits, symbols such as hearts and peace signs, as well as golden jewelry and quilted leather bags. The brand soon became a star in the Italian and international fashion spheres, presenting their collections in runway shows and fashion shoots with renowned magazines. With time, Moschino has added different lines to their brand, such as Moschino Cheap and Chic, a secondary, more budget-friendly line for women, as well as Love Moschino, a mixed line for men and women that toys even more with positivity and playfulness in fashion. In 2013 the brand was taken over by designer Jeremy Scott. Under Scott’s reigns, the brand pursued a theatrical and ironic take on fashion, launching perfumes in the shape of cleaning supplies, presenting over-the-top collections inspired by Marie Antoinette, collaborations with Barbie and incorporating altered versions of iconic logos such as McDonalds.


Moschino keeps pushing the boundaries of conventional fashion, turning towards camp-themed fashion shows that often pay tribute to artistic movements or personas, pop-culture phenomena and the Moschino legacy itself.



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